The Explorers

Récré Explorer takes the children further away in an intermediate group where phonetics are reinforced (with subtle sounds similar to [ɛ̃]): children explore their French vocabulary and enrich it with the quarterly themes whereas the first grammar rules are being taught.

A morning with the Explorers

A morning with the Explorers is never the same! The first minutes consist of a welcome in a circle where all the children discuss and sing to warm up; the rest of the morning offers a large possibility of various activities!

Phonems are taught and reinforced through playful ways, reading from the board or books; for the most intrepid children, there is a writing workshop!

After the break, Arts & Theater and Maths & Sciences help break the monotony of the class every other week.

In order to finish smoothly, the children listen to a story-telling linked to the current theme: it is followed by a discussion in order to repeat the vocabulary and the phonems learnt not only during that morning but as well since the beginning of the year.

The other groups: