The Backpackers

Recré Backpacker takes the young teenagers even further into the understanding and expression of the French language, either verbally or in writing. Through audio or written documents, the young teenagers analyse and take part in discussions and  give their imaginations free rein.

A morning with the Backpackers

The mornings with the Backpackers are extremely flexible and are adjusted from one Saturday to another to maintain the children’s interest. Nevertheless specific activities will be at the core of each session.

These activities are variable but follow a fairly simple scheme from comprehension (listening to a soundtrack or reading a text) to verbal or written expression around a specific lexical or grammatical theme.

A short break allows the Backpackers to rest before they start activities such as Arts & Theater or Maths & Sciences.

The Backpackers also take part weekly individually in the writing of the « News of Récré » on topics they have chosen themselves.

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