The Adventurers

Experienced with the handling of the French language basics, the children go for an adventure with Récré Adventurer. The vocabulary is being strengthened, the grammar is becoming stronger and the children, gaining insurance, contribute regularly to the internal Journal « The News of Récré » as well as to the end of term show.

A morning with the Adventurers

A morning with the Adventurers always start with a summary of previous lessons: no new adventure can start without an adequate preparation!

After going through the homework, a little spelling test helps the Adventurers freshen up their memory and the vocabulary learnt over the past weeks, along with various grammar rules (conjugation, tricky plurals, etc) and the traps to avoid with the similar sounding words with different spellings.

Once this first step accomplished, individual or group readings allow them to let their imagination run and improvise about details or possible endings of stories.

Arts & Theaters or Maths & Sciences workshops start after the break (where our Adventurers recover their strength and enjoy the fresh air oustide) every other week.

The end of the morning focuses on oral expression with discussions and chats related to the current theme.

The morning ends usually with games such as Scrabble or les Incollables.

The other groups: