Special offers

We regularly offer discounts to newcomers. These special offers are advertised on Facebook and Twitter, therefore do not hesitate to follow us to be kept informed.

Team member discount

Every child whose parent/carer works for the Cours de Récré will receive a 30% reduction on the school fee. This reduction applies only to the first child.

Discount for siblings

The full fee only applies to the first child. Any sibling joining the Cours de Récré (at the same time or a later stage) will receieve a 30% discount on their school fees.


Each single registration which has been recommended by parents from « Les Cours de Récré » will reimburse the fees of a full Saturday for each sponsor; this offer is in proportion of the quantity of new registrants.

– One new registrant => one Saturday reimbursed

– two new registrants => two Saturdays reimbursed

– etc.

This offer applied to all parents already registered and whom fees are up to date; it is available all year long.

Do not forget to ask new parents to indicate the name of the sponsor in the contact email or registration form.

The reimbursement will be done once the new registration is recorded and the 1st month fees of the newcomer have been paid.