Our team

Fred Blesser

Co-Founder of the school


Born in the 3-border country, in the Frankish Lorraine opposite Schengen, languages have played in major role in Fred’s life: between the « Lothringer Platt » spoken by his paternal grand-parents, the Luxembourger and German neighbours and a French education, this immersion made him quickly learn and love languages, their history, culture and diversity. Following scientific studies, his career in high technologies occurs only in England. Father of two children and still passionned abouts maths and sciences, he is very keen on sharing his passion from an early age. Fred holds the « Paediatric First Aid » certificate.

Elisabeth Diamantidis

Co-director / Artisitic activities coordinator

photo E_Diamantidis

After a training to become an actress at the Scène sur Saône in Lyon and then theatre studies at Lyon 2 university along with a Modern French language and literature curriculum, Elisabeth started playing in  » Phèdre » by Sénèque, «Madame de Sade» from Mishima under the direction of Jean-Marc Avocat and much more other classical plays. She co-writes and produced a show for young audience called « Poucet, small will become big… or not ». In addition Elisabeth organises theatre workshops for various audience, often based on forum theatre. She belongs to the Effect Act theatre group, specialised in preventive and mediation works based on interactive theatre techniques.

Elisabeth holds the « Paediatric Firt aid » Certificate

Mélissa Lié

Co-director / Teacher


Coming to Manchester has been a very important step for the 26-year old Melissa. Very close to her family, the first year has been tough, but thanks to her work in a primary school for the last 4 years, enthusiasm replaced bitterness. In addition to her job, she studies with the Open University of Le Mans to enlarge her experience in the teaching of the French language. She obtained her level 1 in the British Sign Language and is aiming to pass this year French as a Foreign Language university diploma.

Mélissa holds the « Paediatric Firt aid » Certificate


Coming soon

Romane Gibson Del’Hopital

Romane loves being surrounded by children and likes speaking French and do baby-sitting. She would like to become a school teacher; This position of a French assistant helps her to build her future. As a student, she is interested in sociology and cinema.