School program

“Les Cours de Récré” uses open methodologies allowing a child to develop spontaneously and at his/her own pace. While (s)he is encouraged to learn, the child’s autonomy helps grow his/her self-confidence, and his/her well-being becomes an important part of his/her learning.

We provide each child the opportunity to stimulate his/her thirst to learn in a fun environment, and we support him/her by providing him/her varied and interesting resources such as poetry, tales, lullabies, roleplay, etc…

Our approach is divided in 4 major aspects which are taught in the different groups:

Each term will be dedicated to a specific theme, and our 3D system “Découverte-Divertissement-Développement” (“discovery-entertainment-development) will be its focal point.

All the subjects will be taught through workshops and games in addition of the activities « Arts & Theatre » and « Maths & Sciences ».

Parents will be able to follow the work and progress of the children during dedicated parents/teachers meetings. These will take place at the end of each term.

Themes and dates for the current school year 2017-2018 are available on our calendar page here.